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General Questions

Where can I use Thermacell Mosquito Repellent?

Can I use Thermacell when it is windy?

What is the active ingredient?

Do Thermacell products use chemicals?

Can Thermacell be used around pets?

How effective is Thermacell?

Does Thermacell work on gnats, no see ums or flies?

Can Thermacell products be used indoors?

Do Thermacell products kill mosquitoes?

Are Thermacell products TSA approved?

Will Thermacell Repellent kill bees or other wildlife?

Are Thermacell products safe to use around food?

Can I use Thermacell around a lake, fish pond, or other body of water?

Fuel-Powered: Using the Product

Why Doesn't My Patio Shield Have a Cap?

How often do I have to change Thermacell Repellent Mats?

How should I store my Thermacell when not in use?

How often do I have to change Thermacell Fuel Cartridges?

My Thermacell Repeller worked for a while, but now it is not working. What should I do?

I followed the directions for starting the unit. It got hot, but it did not keep the mosquitoes away. What should I do?

Can I stop and start the unit or do I have to use it all at once?

How do I know the Thermacell unit is working?

My Thermacell device is not working correctly at high elevations. What can I do?

When should I turn on my Thermacell product?

Should I see smoke coming from the unit, should I be concerned?

Can I use Thermacell in the rain?

How large of an area does one Thermacell unit protect?

How do I clean a Thermacell Repeller?

Is Thermacell effective when I am walking?

Can I use my Thermacell mats for multiple usages? (I.e. If I use a mat for one hour, can I use it again for another three hours?)

Can I bring my Thermacell on a passenger airplane when I travel?

Should I operate my Thermacell differently when it is cold out?

Will Thermacell spook game?

How should I store and/or dispose of fuel-powered Thermacell products?

Purchasing Information

Where can I find Thermacell Mosquito Repellent reviews?

Can I buy refill cartridges and mats?

Is Thermacell available in Canada?

Why can’t you ship to Hawaii or Alaska?

What stores carry Thermacell Products and Refills?

Battery-Powered: Using the Product

What comes in the Radius retail package?

What are the three modes of operation?

What should I do if Radius won’t turn on?

How big is the Radius device?

How long does the battery charge last?

How long does it take for Radius to establish the Zone of Protection?

How long does the refill last?

How large of an area does Radius protect from mosquitoes?

Do I have to use the entire refill at once?

Can I fly with Radius?

What is the active ingredient?

Can you ship Radius outside the US?

How long does it take to charge the device?

Can I leave Radius outside all season?

Can I use the Radius while walking or moving around?

Why does my device shut off after 2 hours?

I am a mosquito magnet. Will this product work for me?

How should I store and/or dispose of battery-powered Thermacell products?

Tick Tubes: Using the Product

What is in the specially treated material inside the Tick Control Tubes that kills ticks?

Is this product safe to use around children?

Can this product be used around dogs?

Will this product harm cats? What happens if a cat eats a mouse with permethrin on its fur?

Will this product kill beneficial insects?

Will this product harm the environment?

Will this product harm mice?

What is the shelf life of Tick Control Tubes?

Where are Tick Control Tubes available?

What is the best way to space Tick Control Tubes if my home borders the woods?

How quickly will Tick Control Tubes kill ticks in my yard?

Which kind of tick does this product kill?

Will birds that eat the mice be effected?

Is this product safe if wild birds use cotton for nesting materials?

How should I store and/or dispose of Thermacell Tick Tubes?